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  • Medea is one of the most notorious women in Greek tragedy: a woman scorned by the one she loved cursed by Aphrodite to sacrifice her own children in her jealous rage. In her gripping modern take on the once classic myth, Natalie Bartley tells the story of a once powerful sorceress who now finds herself powerless. Armed with only a love triangle weaved by her soul-bound dragon Kidemonos and original love Vlaidimir Dracul, Medea takes off to find her powers and discover herself.
    Facing off against Greek heroes like Hyperion, Hekate, and Hephaestus, the trio meets legends throughout history on their journey. When Medea comes across Cerunnos during the great Hunt, she has to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to live another day, despite the wishes of Kide and Dracula.
    Will her deal with Cerunnos be in vain as she travels to the depths of Hades to face the children she once cursed to the afterlife? Or will she find herself on the end of a life changing deal that will rock her world? Only time will tell as Medea journeys through her history with Kide and Dracula at her side in Remaking the Sorceress: Titan of Light Book One!

    Titan of the Light Book 1: Remaking the Sorceress

    SKU: 9781957893112
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