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Deceit. Desire. Betrayal. Power. Dubious alliances and intoxicating temptation. For forbidden knowledge, for the truth, is it worth it? 

Shrouded in anonymity, Saiyah's existence remained hidden, nurtured in the shadows since her demon mother spirited her away to the mortal world. On the precipice of her 18th birthday, an ominous choice looms before her-embrace the concealment of her half-demon heritage or unmask herself in a realm suffused with dread and suspicion. However, when she receives a letter from her mother from beyond the grave, Saiyah risks everything. To uncover the truth, she becomes immersed in a hedonistic, reckless lifestyle of lavish parties, occult practices, and secret libraries hidden between worlds. A mystifying half-demon society beckons, its secrets whispering in forbidden tongues. 

With the help of Bezbiel, a charismatic half-demon, and an unlikely saviour - a demon-slaying deity named Idris, she discovers there is something more to her demonic powers. Something unnatural in her blood. Together they unravel the mysteries of her power, her mother's murder, and an unsettling Elizabethan occultist. But in a world still trembling from the echoes of ancient battles, trust hangs by a fragile thread and the truth they unfold only serves to divide.

Shadow of the Scholar

SKU: 978-1-957893-34-1
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