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  • In the celestial high courts, the Seraphic Council has spoken: it's time for a new era. The Arcadian Laws have been decreed, a cryptic code of control clamping down on the Alium-the clandestine community of the supernatural.
    When Lilith, the formidable Queen of Hell, shrouded in demonic legacy, amasses a formidable army, ready to rebel against the celestial shackles led by her four dangerous children: Astaroth, the ruthless; Estrie, the cunning; Loukas, the darkly charming; and Mania, the unpredictable
    As the shadow of war looms, ancient entities grapple with contemporary chaos, and layers of secrets peel away with every tick of time. One earth-shaking question lingers in the smoky air: would you sell your soul to save your people?

    Salt of Angels Book 1: Pillars of Cloud

    SKU: 978-1957893389
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