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Centuries ago, the ancient Titans and Annunaki found Olympus, before the great schism. 

Now, Lord Chronos has the known world clutched within his clawed hand. But he feels as though he's losing his grasp on it when a prophecy about his children is foretold. 

Unknown to him, a few of the original Olympians slipped through his claws. Together, they form a plan to overthrow the Sky Lord to free all of humanity from his iron grip. An army will rise against their oppressors, led by Zeus, Gaia, Khione, and Morimi, the Goddess Three. 

Will they overthrow Lord Chronos? Or will humanity fail in its rise? Find out in Generations of Humanity: Rise of the Humanaki.

Generations of Humanity Book 2: Rise of the Humanaki

SKU: 9781957893273
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