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Many know the age-old take of Oberon and Titania, a familiar story that has been shared throughout the ages. But are you aware of the genuine essence behind their story? 

Oberon, now known as Obe, is an enigmatic billionaire cryptocurrency tycoon. 

Tati Hastings, better known as Titania, is a renowned actress and charismatic figure who has charmed millions of fans' hearts. 

The duo, separated for centuries, unexpectedly reunite when a troublesome piece of their past emerges. The flower once used to hypnotize Titania is being incorporated into a new cosmetics line. This forces the two together once more to protect the mortal world in this modern take on A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Enamored Echoes Book 1: Potent

SKU: 978-1-957893-32-7
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