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Half-demon, Corman Ryan's got it rough: he's haunted by violent nightmares, his only friend is his sentient left hand, and the federal government wants his head on a platter for almost causing the apocalypse. The only thing bigger than the price on his head is the chip on his shoulder.

In the ruins of a near-future Minneapolis, armed street gangs, devil-worshipping cults, and bloodthirsty, corrupt officers of the law all vie for control. Smack dab in the middle of it all is Corman, who's found himself on just about everyone's bad side, including the Federal Knight Bureau, an elite group of peacekeepers who just happen to be his former employers.

When Corman accidentally rescues a young woman from being sacrificed by cultists, he finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy to resurrect a long dormant evil. As unhappy as he and everyone around him is about it, Corman might be the only one who can save them. With as many enemies as emotional trauma, Corman's going to have to tussle with not only the monsters around him, but his own inner demons, if he wants to find redemption.

Armed with only a scythe and his right-hand-hand, Edgar, can Corman escape capture and prevent the resurgence of an evil that would lead to a cataclysmic disaster?

Devil's Entropy

SKU: 978-1-957893-29-7
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