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Jasmine Dilan-Jaz to her friends and family-lives a relatively average New York Life, despite its less than normal or positive start. As a tattoo artist, Jaz is perfectly content to work, go out with her best friend, Garrett, and care for her rebellious niece, Rosamie.

Until one day, Jaz's world is turned upside down. An unexpected death changes everything, and her average life becomes anything but. The cause: a brand-new tattoo of a symbol from Jaz's past that haunts her nightmares.

Has a Seattle serial killer come back to haunt Jaz? Is it a copycat? Or is there someone else in town with the heartless ability to commit such a crime? 

Jaz won't find a peaceful night of sleep until she can uncover the killer's identity. But what will it cost her?

CW: Manslaughter, murder, past references to rape/child molestation/kidnapping, implied child pornography, implied pedophilia, past and current references to alcohol abuse, light homophobic language, depictions of PTSD and its symptoms, and adult language.

A Jaz Dilan Mystery Book 1: Permanent Reminders

SKU: 9781957893143
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