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The Lazy Self-Publishing Kit

Have a good story idea? Let's make it into a book and share it with the world!

Happy Holidays!

There has never been a better time to turn your idea into a book! I'm very happy to announce the Lazy Self-Publishing Kit.

The Lazy Self-Publishing Kit is a comprehensive publishing guide that walks you through the process of writing and self-publishing a book from someone who has gone through the process several times. There is a lot of information about publishing available, but it's hard to find a resource that breaks down the process linearly. This guide breaks the process down into its simplest terms while providing tangible resources for taking your idea from start to published.

Included are helpful links to external sites for you to use for writing, publishing, learning, and marketing your idea-turned-book. These resources cover design, formatting, learning, and marketing, as they relate to the self-publishing process.

This digital guide is available immediately upon purchase.

SALE: use this code to unlock $6 off your purchase: newyear


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