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Saturday Lazy Creativity Issue #01

Saturday Lazy Creativity Issue #01

Hi there, good morning! Here is one short tip to developing a creativity habit.

This post takes under 2 minutes to read.

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Many people think we need to have a grand moment where we spontaneously develop a game-changing idea out of thin air. This may happen, but don’t count on it. Having a ground-breaking idea isn’t necessary to be successful in most cases. You don’t have to have a great idea to be successful, you just have to have a good idea, execute it neatly, and present it well. Here are a few quick formulas to break that concept down a bit:

Bad idea + good execution + good marketing = nobody cares Great idea + poor execution = meh Great idea + great execution + poor marketing = nobody sees your work Good idea + good execution + good marketing = success

Simple, right?

Okay, this might be an oversimplification, but it holds true in most cases. Chances are you already have plenty of good ideas to build off of. You probably have some great ideas too — focus now on the execution and presentation (i.e., marketing) and you’ll be in that sweet spot that leads to success.

Thanks for reading. I’ll be back next Saturday with the next Lazy Creativity Issue. If this was helpful, please consider passing it along to someone else.

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Execution IS the secret sauce.

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