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Creator Spotlight: Adeena Hasan

My Story

Art has always been an instrumental part of my life (I'm pretty young, I'm only in college!) Only recently, during the pandemic, I decided to bring this craft to the online world. It did not take me long to realize that the internet could take my art to the world from my little corner in Bangladesh. Through my illustrations, I talk about the world around me I can do nothing about. I like to use art to speak up for people whose voices have been taken away. I have expressed solidarity with the women of Afghanistan and have spoken up for the murdered children or Ukraine through my colors since there is little more I can offer them. I am very intrigued by the power of illustrations as a tool of protest. Protest art can speak a thousand words without even uttering one. It can console the oppressed and ignite the fire of change.

My Craft

My art style embodies neon hues and luminous colors very extensively. This is partly because bold colors can roar for attention while transcending all language and culture barriers. Staler tones, meanwhile, can highlight the severity of suffering and ignite compassion. The loud neon hues derive partial influence from the rickshaw art of Bangladesh. I like to explore new styles while remaining faithful to the original essence of my art.

My Social Media

I am on Instagram as @adeena_on_caffeine :

And also run a Deviant Art page:

My Creative Process

I tend to work on-the-go on a smartphone. I almost exclusively use my fingers for the digital art but a stylus is pretty welcome as well!

My Favorite Book

My favorite book is All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. Maybe the book has grabbed my interest as it deals with historical fiction, a genre I particularly love. I really liked how the book weaves together the lives of two strangers who cross paths only once but impact each other's lives forever. The story delves into the question of how much freedom a person has to choose their own destiny. I'm also a big fan of how the book leaves a clear picture of where the protagonists stand in life years into the future as the story draws to an end.

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