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“In drawing, nothing is better than the first attempt.”- Pablo Picasso








When you break it down to its core, drawing is leaving marks on a surface, material, or object. It utilizes lines, shapes, and figures. Drawing is as old as humans are, stemming back from the earliest people's cave drawings. Drawing is an approachable art form that requires no training and has a relatively low cost. Drawing can be picked up by anyone of any ability using a variety of materials. It has a high degree of controllability and doesn't make much of a mess. If you're looking for a new creative hobby, drawing may be a good starting point. It is easy to pick up but has plenty of room to grow with.


As far as materials go, you can draw with virtually any material that leaves a mark. Additionally, nearly any surface is fair game as long as it holds the mark (even temporarily). Some common materials include: pencil, pen, marker, colored pencil, paper

A pen drawing of the Dowager from Downton Abbey

Tips, Tricks, & Resources

A drawing of a building plan


If you're having a hard time getting started, try scribbling. Don't use any shapes, images, or figures. Just scribble


If you're tired of drawing with pencil on paper, try using new materials. You can try different drawing materials and different matrixes besides just paper.


Drawing takes practice. Try drawing for 10 minutes each day for a full month (Ex. Inktober)


Drawing can be helpful for sketching out quick ideas which can be turned into higher fidelity images later on.

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