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Creativity Quiz

How to use this quiz

Use this quiz as a starting point for your own creativity. If you don't like the result you get, look into something different! If anything, the questions are designed to get you to think about your own creativity and how you want to explore it. There's no magic formula for figuring out what interests you - you may need to try a few things to see what sticks. 

Some additional questions for self-reflection

What motivates you?

What are your passions?

Where do you find inspiration?

Truly. No BS allowed. What actually motivates you? Are you motivated by an end product or by a meaningful process? Are you motivated by the desire to make money, build a following, create a new self-care practice, or to just make something for fun? 

What are you passionate about? Can you incorporate those passions into your creative interest? If so, how could that show up? If not, is there something you are interested in trying out? Passion may not show up immediately, but over time, if you're interested in it, passion may follow once you've given it a shot. 

Does your inspiration come to you through your dreams? By something you see in your environment? By your work? One of the first steps to getting started is by finding inspiration. Look online, around you, and within you to find inspiration. Once you've found it, follow it to see where it goes. 

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