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"You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces—just good food from fresh ingredients."

– Julia Child








I won't go into the definition of cooking here but will instead mention the many different possibilities within the realm of cooking. Outside of preparing and cooking food, you can also consider baking, food presentation, cocktail/mocktail creation, or even food art. 

Cooking is a universal skill and practice, although it varies from culture to culture. Although it is a necessity for survival, it can also be seen as a creative practice. Look at any contemporary restaurant's plating and presentation and you will see that cooking isn't merely something that's done out of necessity, but is something to be admired and enjoyed. As with any creative practice, the difficulty, cost, and degree of control will vary largely depending on which materials and techniques you're using. Some forms of cooking are more free-form and involve less structure or guidelines, whereas other forms of cooking demand a high degree of precision.

There are many opportunities for creativity in the cooking process, both within the cooking itself, and with the presentation of the dish. Similar to how a painter may frame their painting afterward, a cook may frame their creations as well. 



Stir Fry

A must-have for cooking is food and/or drink. That can and will vary depending on the dish and technique. In addition to ingredients needed, other utensils will be needed for the cooking process and presentation afterward. 

Tips, Tricks, & Resources

Chocolate Snacks
Baking Croissants


If you're proficient with one type/technique of cooking, try branching out to another. Your skills may be transferable


Add some literal or figurative spice to your cooking/baking/drink making


Creativity with cooking can be done on any budget. Play around with presentation after the food is prepared


If you're feeling uninspired by your current cooking practice, it may be time to find new recipes

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